05 Jun Trash The Dress – Patricia & Daniel

The wedding day…

We shot Patricia and Daniel’s Wedding on Saturday May 21st. Brian and I covered the video, he took the lead with me as second shooter and I also took photos for the couple. I’ve known Patricia & Daniel for many years and was delighted when the asked us to cover their special day 🙂

Patricia & Daniel Wedding Day - Radisson Hotel Sligo - Sligo Wedding Photographer


Two days after the wedding…

On Monday morning we all met up again to do a “Trash The Dress” photo shoot, something I’ve wanted to do for about 10 years now and finally I got the opportunity. “Trash The Dress” is not an entirely accurate description of what we did…we certainly got it wet and weren’t too worried about getting it dirty but never the less we did mind it and with a good clean from the dry cleaners it will be fine 🙂

I asked Niamh McDonagh Patricia’s make up artist to join us and to re do Patricia’s make up which she kindly did and Patricia’s sister Janet to again sort Patricia’s hair. I asked Brian to produce a behind the scenes video and invited a good friend and excellent photographer Donal Hackett (Photo Creation Stuff). Patricia and Daniel had their own entourage to help out so there was a nice gang of people floating about. (excuse the pun).

The day started at an old garage door I had spotted when I did a bit of location recce the previous week and we got one of the best shots of the day almost immediately.



We then moved towards the old Mill but were denied access (gate locked) so we headed to location 3 which was overlooking the waterfall keeping Patricia & Daniel safe, dry and warm was a priority at this stage although keeping them safe throughout the morning was a given!  We got some nice shots and thankfully the weather held.



Location 4 was under the bridge in Collooney and again I took a few shots before it was time to get wet. Donal and Brian both got some great shots from different angles and this is why I love working with a team of people.

13235230_1077538095652279_5718128338045732575_o(Photo Credit – Donal Hackett)


Location 5 meant getting Patricia to the other side of the river, again because we couldn’t get access from the far side as the gate was locked. As the river bed was extremely rocky and slippery I opted to carry Patricia across. With Marks help we got most of the way before Patricia had to get really wet…up to her neck almost.

13256361_1077534868985935_1612968815874140070_n(Photo Credit – Donal Hackett)


On the way back I slipped of course and decided to try and swim, BIG mistake! Waders became filled with water, boots were too heavy, and the current was a lot stronger than I thought. Once on the bank I had to get the water out of the waders and begin the journey back to Patricia but this time I would have my camera, let me tell you there were a few really dodgy moments! With Mark there to lend a hand I got across…Daniel came over too and we got a couple of nice shots.



We were heading back to the far bank when I asked Patricia to go further into the really cold water, after a moment Daniel and I both agreed it was too cold but Patricia said no she was determined to do it! Just look at the result!



We were well and truly wet at this stage. I wanted to try and work quickly and safely so we moved to our final location which was of course below The Falls. This was probably the most dangerous part of the shoot. Slippery loose rocks, a roaring waterfall, very strong current and we were all tired, and feeling the cold. As faith would have it of course, I fell backwards…luckily again no camera!!!

13254696_1077540975651991_5827031310169231543_o(Photo Credit – Donal Hackett)


The final word…

We got a few amazing shots of the couple below The Falls, a truly beautiful place to photograph. I’d never been there before but I will certainly return.

Thanks to everyone who helped on the day and of course Patricia and Daniel. I hope they will enjoy the photos for many many years to come and I really think they enjoyed the experience.

If you’d like to talk to us about doing a “Trash The Dress” / “Drown The Gown” photo session please get in touch. Until the next time…


Thanks to Brian for putting the behind the scenes video together and Donal for coming along for the shoot…

13220815_1077533832319372_5234545715064888623_n   (Photo Credit – Donal Hackett)
13227731_10154252280492229_8767732418596006128_o(Photo Credit – Brian Mc Dermott)
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