The Video Guys - Michael O Donovan

I am a husband to Fiona, a Dad to Wayne and Lauren, originally from Cork (don’t hold that against me) and have three dogs and a cat (does anyone really ever own a cat?). I am a video content creator / photographer, who enjoys working with creative people and learning new skills. In the distant past I’ve been a Retail Store Manager, DJ & Radio Presenter, TV Show Producer…


I am passionate about creating video content, for myself, my clients. When working with people who are new of shy to the camera “Done is better than Perfect” is my motto.Preparation and practice is key, its 3/4 of the way there. I enjoy creating wedding videos, commercial videos, tech videos, vlogs and the odd silly video. I enjoy movies, hanging out with my dogs and grandson (who keeps me young), helping people when and where I can, spending time with my friends & family. I don’t do a lot of reading of books, (don’t have time), I don’t go to the gym (although I prob should.


I work hard and expect everyone around me to do the same. I offer my advice freely and welcome everyone opinion.I’m not sporty, (although I enjoy watching the odd game), I don’t like politics or people who bully others and I believe to succeed you must be willing to work harder and smarter than the next guy.